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Thank you for the terrific opportunity to come to your facility to purchase and learn how to operate the KWM Ironman combo gutter machine. It was a privilege to be in a facility that takes as much pride in their customers as it does in their product. Each of your employees gave us their undivided attention and answered all our questions. KWM will be the only gutter machine company we ever recommend.

Cary and Manuss McMasters


Buying a gutter machine is a big investment, so be sure to get all the answers to your questions before you purchase. We know your bottom line is important. That’s why KWM builds the highest quality machine at the best cost–proudly made in the USA!

Q: My machine will not power on.

A: Please check the e-stop (emergency stop) and make sure it is disengaged. All machines are shipped with the e-stop engaged.

Q: What gauge power cord is needed?

A: KWM recommends either a 50 ft. 12 gauge or a 100 ft. 10 gauge power cord.

Q: What size inverter is needed?

A: KWM recommends a 6,000 watt inverter.

Q: What size generator is needed?

A: The generator will need to be a minimum wattage of 5,000 with the option of bypassing the auto idle control feature.

Q: Where will my machine be manufactured and assembled?

A: KWM gutter machines are manufactured and assembled in Rockdale, IL, USA.

Q: How long has KWM been in business?

A: KWM has more than 46 years experience in the manufacturing and service of gutter machines—the longest in the industry.

Q: Where will I be able to get service for my gutter machine if needed?

A: For KWM machine owners, KWM does more than 60 free adjustment days across the United States every year. That’s right; just show up, and get your KWM product adjusted free whether or not it is under warranty!

Q: Is my new gutter machine designed to last?

A: KWM gutter machines are designed and manufactured for the long haul. All critical forming rollers are hard-chromed for durability and wear resistance.

Q: If I need parts or accessories are they in stock?

A: KWM manufactures and stocks all of its own parts.

Q: Whom do I call if I have a problem?

A: If your machine was purchased through a servicing distributor, they can most likely help you. However, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Is this the best machine for the money?

A: There is a reason KWM sells more gutter machines than any other manufacturer in the world. KWM builds the highest quality gutter machines on the market today, and our service is second to none.

Q: Can I visit the manufacturing factory?

A: KWM has an open door policy; you are welcome to tour our factory. We are very proud of our state of the art facility in Rockdale, IL. Free training is also available at our factory when you purchase a KWM product.

Q: Should I buy my machine through a servicing distributor?

A: There are many benefits to buying through a servicing distributor, such as, local support, KWM adjustment days, and loyalty to your coil supplier.

Q: Does my manufacturer offer special profiles and custom machines?

A: KWM has more than 30 custom profiles you can use to set your company apart from your competition.